The idea came from German BrandMeister Team, together with Denis (DL3OCK), as an attempt to find a work-around for the limited capabilities of the DV4mini.

Users wanted to have access to any existing talkgroup, not only the defined talkgroups matched to a reflector in the reflector.db file. To solve this issue we made a two-step connectivity schema: typical connection of DV4mini into virtual reflector 4999 and personal mapping of this virtual reflector into the requested talk group.

How to use

  • Connect DV4mini to your preferd BrandMeister server
  • Select reflector 4999 at DV4mini Control Panel
  • Configure your dongle using any of the next possible ways:
    • By using Network Dashboard:
      • Go to the Extended Routing page on the BrandMeister Dashboard. By logging in, you are able to manage ANY dongle that is matched to one of your DMR ID's from anywhere in the world. Enter or select the required talkgroup ID and press OK
      • If you don't want to login, you can still use the old way to manage your dongle (without login), but then you are only able to edit dongles that are on the same IP as you are connecting from to the dashboard.
    • By using particular BrandMeister Server:
      • Open link page of your BrandMeister server in a web browser: http://<address>/status/link.htm
    • By using DV4MF2 software
  • Now you can start a QSO on this mapped talking group by using talk group 9 on your dongle. The server will then map this QSO to the selected talk group for you.

Code plug configuration

When programing your code plug for your DV4Mini you will want to make sure you use the following settings

  • Make sure your channel is configured as a talk around or simplex channel as the DV4Mini only does simplex in DMR mode
  • Make sure when you setup the contact for the DV4Mini you add it as a Group Call type contact and set the ID to 9
  • Make sure you setup the channel to use time slot (sometimes called repeater slot) 2
  • Make sure you also set the contact to the Contact you setup for the DV4Mini


Due flexibility of BrandMeister the feature of Extended routing for DV4mini is fully implemented via scripts.

  • Remote configuration of mapping implemented by /var/www/html/status/link.php
  • Extended routing implemented by plug-in /opt/BrandMeister/Script/PlugIns/20-XTGCall.lua

Application Programming Interface

  • To retrieve current mapping status make GET request to http://<address of connected system>/status/link.php
  • To set current mapping status make GET request to http://<address of connected system>/status/link.php?group=<group ID>
  • To avoid collisions when multiple dongles come from same IP please add following parameter to the GET request: user=<user ID>

Example of request:

Server will respond with JSON:

{ number: 2043044, group: 2041 }

If multiple dongles connected from current IP and parameter "user" not defined the server respond JSON with list of connected dongles at this IP:

  { number: 2043044, group: 2041 },
  { number: 2043045, group: 2041 }