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MCC Prefix 730
Coordinators CE2DJA, CE3AA, CA6JAU, CA2KVA, CE2KVL, 

Our History:

In between February and July 2016, begins the initiative for develop Digital Telecommunications and Networking for the others collegues. The client platform adopted was MMDVM in GNU/Linux, and the Networking server platform was BrandMeister, all of them Open Platforms.

In July 6 we formed a group of experimenters called "Digital Voice Chile", and we gain presence in several Social Networks like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on. The first original MMDVM in Chile was bought by Fernando CE2DJA, but meanwhile, the group begun to implement their own version of this Modem.

This experiences were so successfully that the first original MMDVM arrive and beguns working at the same time the Chilean modem's version was in operations in Chile. This particular implementation of the ZUM board was designed by Andy CA6JAU, and we called it the JAU board.

Andy later would become part of the main MMDVM's firmware/software design Staff, and he is a real pride for a majority of the Chilean Radio Amateurs for this reason. Furthermore he will design the entire firmware for the ZUMspot with an embedded radio device.

In October 2016, Chile is the Host for the IARU Region 2 General Assembly, and in this opportunity the Workshops were illuminated with an FT-897D with the original MMDVM and connected trough BrandMeister. From this day Radio Club of Chile CE3AA, begins to get engaged and give support for this initiative in the country.

In 2017/2018 the original members of the group already have the same level of skills. And the number of HotSpots running are not less than 15 permanent on-line plus 8 repeaters permanent on-line, being the majority of them home-brew, and based on MMDVM running Pi-Star OS. Good time for to concrete our own Master server, that it was ready for, in the middle of 2017.

Our growing was really so fast, that the experience gained in this process, we hope were a good reference for other colleagues in other South American countries. We begun to build good alliances with them, and begun to share our experience like a first support in their owns initiatives. I hope it were a good journey, for today and for the future.

Video References:

Master for Chile: BM7301 BM URL: IP Address: Pass key: passw0rd

National Talk Groups for Chile:

730 National

7301 Chile Zone 1

7302 Chile Zone 2

7303 Chile Zone 3

7304 Chile Zone 4

7305 Chile Zone 5

7306 Chile Zone 6

7307 Chile Zone 7

7308 Chile Zone 8

7309 Chile Zone 9

7300 Chile Zone 0 Insular

Linked Talk Groups in Chile:

73099 Link to Wires-X Miami Latino room.

On-demand Talk Groups in Chile:

730911 Ham Emergency Networks dispatcher, and field working.

73090 CE3SER team EMCOMM Field Coordination group.

Talk Groups with frequently use in Chile:

91 Worlwide

913 English

914 Spanish linked to Wires-X

97 Spanish LA

722 Argentina national (permanent)

9 Local

7143 Dominican Republic YSF Network

Dashboard and Status pages


730999 Parrot (Private call and TS2)

730997 GPS Report (Private call and TS2)

Group Calls and Private Calls

The BrandMeister network allows Group Calls and Private Calls.

Group Calls

A Group Call is a call to a talk group (TG) number, in which other stations configured to listen to this TG will receive and broadcast this call. These other stations can respond in the same group call using the same TG. A list of commonly used talk groups is available.

When using a Hytera terminal,you can manually dial in a group ID by selecting Contact in the menu, select Manual Dial and press # to switch between Group or Private ID. Private Calls

A Private Call is a call to a specific DMR ID. This allows a single station to connect over the BrandMeister network to another station. The communication is "private" in that other DMR stations with a different DMR ID programmed won't broadcast the QSO, but the communication is available for anyone listening in to the DMR stream or with a DMR station with an identical DMR ID programmed.

When using a Hytera terminal, you can manually dial in a private ID by selecting Contact in the menu, select Manual Dial and press # to switch between Group or Private ID.

Useful Links

BrandMeister Dashboard

Hoseline Online Streaming

BrandMeister Dashboard for Chile

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR

Sysops for Chile in BrandMeister are: CE2KVL, CE2DJA, CA6JAU, CA2KVA