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1024px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg.png
MCC Prefix 460
Coordinators BD7MQB, BH4DKU, BD7IXF, 9V1YW, 

Master info[edit]

4601 CN is onlined from January 10, 2018

Talk groups[edit]

Talk Group Reflector Description Hose Line
TG 460 China National, seldom used 460
TG 46001 YSF20059 Link to YSF20059CN China #1/ Wires-X Room24166 National Wide Talk Group. Weekly net activity on Saturday 8-10pm (Beijing time), Only Chinese language is accepted. 46001
TG 46004 China Zone 4 talkgroup
TG 46010 YSF10712 Beijing Talkgroup 46010 on BM & YSF10712 Interlink. Local HAM TG and welcome friends from all over the world.
TG 46021 YSF99996 Shanghai Jiading Digital Repeater in DMR Mode, BR4AC. Also connected to Suzhou Taicang repeater.
TG 460027 YSF39006 Link to YSF39006 CN BR6QBD WUHAN &Link to Local TS2 TG460027 of Wuhan BR6QBD 438.725 MMDVM Repeater.Also 438.800,439.350,439.550,439.100,439.375 Repeater will forward simultaneously! 460027
TG 46028 Chengdu talkgroup, Sichuan Province
TG 460022 YSF78497 Tianjin Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode
TG 46055 YSF00683 | P25 TG10406 Zhejiang Province talkgroup, weekly net activity on Sunday 8pm, Chinese language only Link to P25 TG10406
TG 46068 Shanghai secondary talkgroup
TG 460311 Shijiazhuang "the Beautiful" 950 Digital Repeater, Hebei Province
TG 460322 Tangshan Digital Repeater, Hebei Province
TG 460351 Shanxi Province talkgroup
TG 460459 Daqing Digital Repeater, Heilongjiang Province
TG 460601 Hefei talkgroup, Anhui Province
TG 460666 Suizhou Digital Repeater, Hubei Province
TG 460501 YSF18829 Hangzhou Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode, Zhejiang Province
TG 460510 Yixing Digital Repeater, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
TG 460513 Nantong talkgroup, Jiangsu Province
TG 460515 YanCheng Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode, Jiangsu Province 460515
TG 460512 Suzhou 433.090 DMR repeater, Jiangsu Province
TG 460516 YSF84099 XuZhou Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode, Jiangsu Province. YSF84099 CN XUZHOU 460516
TG 460551 YSF30458 Link to YSF30458 AnHui-HeFei01-YSF &Link to Local TS2 TG860551 of Hefei DMR X75 Repeater 460551
TG 46007 YSF49766 | P25 TG10403 China Zone 7 Mixed Mode, Link to YSF CN China#7(wide mode) , more foreigners 46007
TG 46072 YSF | P25 Link to YSF10552 CN-SZ-YSF &P25 Private & Link to Local TS1 TG46072 of Shenzhen Guanlan Hytera RD980s 438.925 Repeater. 46072
TG 46073 YSF77982 Link to YSF06059 CN_SZ790 &P25 TG10403& Link to Local TS1 TG73 of Shenzhen DMR 790 Repeater, weekly net activity on Sunday 9pm, Mandarin and Cantonese accepted. 46073
TG 460871 Yunnan Province talkgroup
TG 46091 YSF19610 Shaanxi Province talkgroup
TG 460991 Xinjiang Province talkgroup
TG 460562 安徽铜陵

Applications and Special Talk Groups[edit]

TG Application
Private 9990 Parrot
Private 460999 ARS/RRS/GPS
Private 460990 Text Service
短信指令 指令说明
help 帮助信息
wx 查询天气
wx beijing 查询北京天气
wx 22.54, 114.03 查询指定GPS坐标的天气
whois 4607133 根据给定id,查询呼号详细信息
whois bd7mqb 根据给定呼号,查询呼号详细信息