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TalkGroup/313913313913Clermont County Ohio Talk GroupSouth West Ohio DMR users____
TalkGroup/222030222030Cluster BresciaExternal TalkGroup for Cluster BresciaX_X_
TalkGroup/95009500CollegiateFor communication between collegiate amateur radio repeaters____
TalkGroup/732732Colombia HK ZoneTalkGroup de Encuentro Zona HK____
TalkGroup/73207320Colombia HK0 ZoneMalpelo Island, Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina____
TalkGroup/73237323Colombia HK3 ZoneBogotá, Cundinamarca, Guaviare, Meta____
TalkGroup/73247324Colombia HK4 ZoneAntioquia, Chocó____
TalkGroup/73257325Colombia HK5 ZoneCauca, Valle del Cauca____
TalkGroup/73267326Colombia HK6 ZoneCaldas, Huila, Quindío, Risaralda, Tolima____
TalkGroup/3108831088Colorado HDColorado Hotspot DiscussionXXX_
TalkGroup/3108331083Colorado Severe WeatherColorado Severe WeatherXXX_
TalkGroup/3102131021Contesting and RadiosportWorldwide Contesting Forum____
TalkGroup/23592359CornwallCentre of Activity Cornwall____
TalkGroup/2082020820CorsicaTKNet - Corsican Radioamateur Network_X__
TalkGroup/2082120821Corsica (old)Ancien talkgroup Corse____
TalkGroup/71227122Costa Rica San José 2Regional Talkgroup____
TalkGroup/71247124Costa Rica 7124Heredia, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71257125Costa Rica 7125Alajuela, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71267126Costa Rica 7126Limon, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71277127Costa Rica 7127Guanacaste, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/71287128Costa Rica 7128Puntarenas, Costa Rica____
TalkGroup/280280CyprusCyprus Islandwide Talkgroup____
TalkGroup/2809728097Cyprus C4FMCyprus C4FM TG bridged to Wires-X and YSFReflectorX_X_
TalkGroup/920920DL, HB, OEGermanic language____
TalkGroup/302205302205DMR - FUSIONDMR - YSF__X_
TalkGroup/3166531665DMR CampfireA kind friendly hangout open for experimenting or just the general rag chew, all we ask is be courteous and obey by the terms of your licence. Thank you and enjoy!____
TalkGroup/52015201DMR Chonburi ThailandTG DMR By HS2ACXXX_
TalkGroup/52025202DMR Rayong ThailandTG DMR By HS2ARXXX_
TalkGroup/302232302232DMR SaguenayDMR Saguenay____
TalkGroup/51525152DMR TalkGroup for DU2Philippines Radio District 2, Northern LuzonXXXX
TalkGroup/520520DMR ThailandTG DMR By THAILANDXXXX
TalkGroup/24092409DMR ZONE Net ( SE - GR )DMR ZONE International Tech Talkgroup in Greek and Swedish language!____
TalkGroup/3166631666DMR of AnarchyDMR of Anarchy Organization____
TalkGroup/555555DTDXADigital Thailand DX Association_XXX
TalkGroup/5555555555DTDXADigital Thailand DX Association_XX_
TalkGroup/4669946699DV Taiwan Club Digital BridgeDV Taiwan Club Digital Bridge DMR / D-STAR / YSF_XX_
TalkGroup/5157351573DX PinoyWorldwide Amateur Radio Linking SystemX___
TalkGroup/5151651516DX1ACECavite Amateur Communication Enthusiasts IncorporatedX_X_
TalkGroup/5151551515DX1AFP701st PHILCCOM SBN AREIXXX_
TalkGroup/5151851518DX1ARMDX1ARM Amateur Radio Movement, Inc., Philippines, a.k.a. "TalkGroup SISIG"__X_
TalkGroup/5151151511DX1EVMScan International in National Capital RegionXXXX
TalkGroup/5152151521DX2EVMScan International in Region 2XXXX
TalkGroup/5150351503DX3CA-OMGDX3CA Philippines and Old Man Group USA____
TalkGroup/5153151531DX3EVMScan International in Central LuzonXXXX
TalkGroup/5154151541DX4EVMScan International in Bicol RegionXXXX
TalkGroup/5155151551DX5EVMScan International in Eastern VisayasXXXX
TalkGroup/5156151561DX6EVMScan International in Western VisayasXXXX
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