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TalkGroup/20632063Belgium - EastActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the eastern region of Belgium. Language: German.____
TalkGroup/20612061Belgium - NorthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the northern region of Belgium. Language: Dutch.____
TalkGroup/20622062Belgium - SouthActivates all repeaters (TS1) in the southern region of Belgium. Language: French.____
TalkGroup/2060120601Belgium North YSF BridgeLinked to the Yaesu System Fusion Room 'Belgium North'.__X_
TalkGroup/2060220602Belgium South YSF BridgeLinked to the YSF Reflector 'Belgium South'.__X_
TalkGroup/3301533015Boriken DMR NetworkA talk group for new DMR users in Puerto Rico.____
TalkGroup/310912310912Borinken DMR CTTalkgroup in SPANISH____
TalkGroup/2382423824BornHackThis is the gathering place for BornHack participants, hangarounds and other friendly folks.____
TalkGroup/218218Bosnia and HerzegovinaMain TG for Bosnia and Herzegovina____
TalkGroup/907907Brandmeister 907907____
TalkGroup/3129331293Branson Missouri Area TalkgroupDMR Talkgroup for Branson Missouri and surrounding areas____
TalkGroup/724724BrazilBrazi Nationwide Talkgroup_XX_
TalkGroup/7320373203Bridge CO HK_NAL_LCRABridged to CO HK_NAL_LCRA YSF Reflector__X_
TalkGroup/7320473204Bridge XLX571Bridged to XLX571 D-Star Reflector_X__
TalkGroup/72287228Buenos Aires DMRDMR Channel TestXXX_
TalkGroup/284284BulgariaBulgaria National Talkgroup____
TalkGroup/28432843Bulgaria - Plovdiv RegionBulgaria / Plovdiv Region____
TalkGroup/28422842Bulgaria - Sofia RegionBulgaria / Sofia Region____
TalkGroup/5150251502CAVITE ACECavite Amateur Communication Enthusiasts, Inc. is an Amateur Radio Club in the Philippines duly accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission. Club members are mostly from the Province of Cavite.X_X_
TalkGroup/3109431094CDRACT Digital Repeater Association____
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