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    • 7324 Antioquia Colombia  + (7324)
    • TalkGroup/31667  + (A Place or friends to meet)
    • TalkGroup/20620  + (A Talkgroup dedicated to all hams that are interested in General Communications, without the need of making a QSY to another Talkgroup)
    • TalkGroup/50531  + (A chat talkgroup for VK3)
    • TalkGroup/31655  + (A group for outdoor enthusiasts to discuss topics ranging from Overlanding, 4X4, Camping, Bushcraft and camp cooking. ALL are welcome to join us. Rag-chewing is encouraged!)
    • TalkGroup/31665  + (A kind friendly hangout open for experimenting or just the general rag chew, all we ask is be courteous and obey by the terms of your licence. Thank you and enjoy the mental ward!!)
    • TalkGroup/262878  + (A talk group for B19 hams to communicate.)
    • TalkGroup/460994  + (A talk group for Changchi Hams to communicate.)
    • TalkGroup/519800  + (A talk group for Changzhou Hams to communicate.)
    • TalkGroup/31255  + (A talk group for Hampden County Radio Association members to communicate)