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Sri Lanka
MCC Prefix 413
Coordinators 4S6WAS, 4S5SC, 


DMR Connections - TG413 use in Pi-Star, please choose master server to connect.


To contact the team or request for technical assistance please utilize one of the following options to contact us,


Useful Links[edit]


Please note that HoseLine is not operational. Any existing links will dead-end.

Hotspot Configurations[edit]

Users connecting hotspots to BrandMeister Servers will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their hotspot security password.


Master Servers control two main timers for system usage. Holdoff (handoff) Timer and On Demand (Dynamic) Timers. ---

Creation of Talk Groups[edit]

Talk Groups are only labeled for 3, 4 and 5 Digit IDs. Due to the limited number of 5 Digit IDs available we are no longer labeling any new requests for 5 digit talk groups at this time. Please use your Radio ID (7-digit) or if you have a repeater your Repeater ID (6-digit) as your talk group. Although the 6 and 7 digit IDs will not be labeled they can be used immediately without Master Admin Approval. (in the new API, no release date at this time, repeater sysops will have the ability to label their 6-digit repeater ID in the repeater dashboard.)

Cross Links[edit]

There are to be NO cross-links/cross-mode/bridging of any type on any Sri Lanka Island Wide Tacs 413, or talk groups 413001. It seems people like to experiment and this is NOT the place to do it. If you need to test, please use your personal DMR ID as a 7 digit group call (talk group). We are a guest to those talk groups.

Island wide 413[edit]

This is the main talkgroup for the Sri Lanka. All are welcome but we do ask if you are a foreign station to please make contact and move to a tac talkgroup. Talkgroups have labels for a reason and we do not want this turning into a World Wide talkgroup like talkgroup 91. There is to be no cross-links / cross-modes of any type to this talkgroup unless using an OpenBridge or Cbridge connection.

Talk Groups[edit]

Of course, all BrandMeister talkgroups can be activated in World wide. International talkgroups, national and regional talkgroups of countries. Sri Lanka should be used on timeslot 1. Talkgroup 413 is permanently active for Srl Lanka. It is meant as a calling channel, for establishing the initial contact and facilitate QSY to a regional or user activated talkgroup.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
413 1 DMR Group Sri Lanka
413001 2 DMR + Experiment TG in Sri Lanka everyday at 2:30 to 3:00 UTC
91 1 Worldwide - also used for the Worldwide Net every Saturday at 17:00 UTC
228 1 Switzerland - national talkgroup
262 1 Germany - national talkgroup
XXXXX 1 Find more national talkgroups here

Applications and Special Groups[edit]

Repeater and System Connections[edit]

There are no DMR Repeaters located in the Sri Lanka. Please select the DMR Master (MMDVMHost) that is closest to your location, or gives the lowest ping times to your location.


Callsign Location Frequency Mode Status LINK
4S7RS-4 Malambe, Colombo 439.900MHz -4.8Mhz (Waiting for site approval) DR-2 C4FM Not Yet Not Yet
4S7RS-1 Yatiyantota, ITN site 145.625MHz -600 KHz (ON-AIR) VHF Analog (ON-AIR) YES
4S7RS-2 Piduruthalagala, Nuwara Eliya 145.650MHz -600 KHz (ON-AIR) VHF Analog (ON-AIR) YES
4S7RS-3 Deniyaya, SLRC Tower 145.600MHz -600 KHz VHF Analog OFF Not Yet
4S5ARA-3 Colombo 439.975MHz -4Mhz (ON-AIR) UHF Analog (ON-AIR) YES
4S5ARA-2 Kikiliyamana 145.700MHz -600 KHz (ON-AIR) VHF Analog (ON-AIR) YES
4S5ARA-1 Hunusgiriya Mountain 145.725MHz -600 KHz (ON-AIR) VHF Analog (ON-AIR) YES
4S7RS-R Colombo Echolink Digital (ON-AIR) Yatiyantota, ITN site
46ARA-R Colombo Echolink Digital (ON-AIR) YES