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USA/Montana (3130)
Description DMR Brandmeister
Country USA
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog No
Wires-X No YSF No

Within the State of Montana, there are several DMR repeaters, more being added all the time. Please note the website for Digital Radios in Montana! Welcome to "The Last, Best, Place in the US".

Please note that Montana Statewide Talk Group, and ALL Statewide Talk Groups are Call Channel Talk Groups and should be used less than 10 minutes. Longer Conversations should go to Montana Chat, Talk Group 31300, Time Slot 1.

                                                      FROM THE BRANDMEISTER NETWORK INFORMATION PAGE. 

The "Wiki" is not available for Hams to modify, add, or delete any of the info on the USA BrandMeister Network Website. No other DMR Network users can modify, add, or delete info to this Information pages. Only BrandMeister Administrators can post or modify the "Information" page on the USA BrandMeister Network Website Information Page. It is information for all Hams wanting to use the BrandMeister Network, and to learn the "Best Practices" on the network. This info is copied from the BrandMeister Network, USA, Information page, you can link to it as well! Also, Administrators in the USA, provide this information, NOT Developers. In fact, there is no "Developers"in the United States, the official BrandMeister Developers are all in Europe, where BrandMeister was designed and installed. Again, all of that info is on the Brandmeister Website.

                                         United States of America
                                        Master Server Information

Master Domain IP Address Location Donations 3101 New York, New York LINK 3102 Dallas, Texas Donate 3103 San Jose, California Donate


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Hotspot Configurations

Users connecting hotspots to BrandMeister USA Servers will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their hotspot security password as of Dec 11th, 2020.

   Hotspot Security Password Setup Instructions -
   Frequently Asked Questions - Hotspot Security - pdf document.


Master Servers control two main timers for system usage. Holdoff (handoff) Timer and On Demand (Dynamic) Timers.

Hand Off Timer (Hold off) is set for 5 Mins on USA Master Servers. This timer function will hold off all other talk groups on a Time Slot when a user activates a talk group and will hold of the other dynamic and static talk groups on a Timeslot for a period of 5 minutes.

On Demand Timer (Dynamic) is set for 15 mins on USA Master Servers. This timer function provides for when a user keys up a dynamic talk group and will stay active for a period of 15 minutes. Once the timer exceeds this time the dynamic talk group will drop off. Not Supported on USA Masters


DV4Mini USB Stick - Read on!

TeamSpeak Cross Linking

Zello Cross Linking

Discord Linking Bridging to USA Master Servers Supported Bridging

USA Master Servers support the bridging of CBridge, OpenBridge, XLX Interlink , YSF Client, Wires-X, IMRS and NXDN Client. Using MMDVM Bridge/client (Peer connection), typically used with HBLink, to Bridge Talk groups are not supported and should request one of the following supported bridges if needing to bridge between network/systems. For example, to Bridge HBLink Server and BrandMeister use of OpenBridge is the proper way to link to talk groups between the two systems. Talk Groups

USA Master Admins will only provide 31X, 330, 370 MCCs links. If requiring a link to a talk group which does not fall in the USA MCCs you will need to contact the host server admin of the country the MCC is in. For CBridge CC requests please contact USA Server Admin teams if requiring a talk group from another MCC.

If requesting a Statewide talk group (4 digit) please review the list below (Talk Groups), if it shows as hosted by another network we will not be able to provide the state wide talk group(s).

TAC 310-319 may be used for general conversation. Remember, these are Tactical talk groups and NOT call channels! There should NOT be any nets on these talk groups. If you want a net, please use 31001 and 31002.

Global Talk Groups, any 9x, such as 91, 93 will not be provided for bridging to other systems/networks with the exception of CBridges.

Re-Bridging any BrandMeister Talk groups to another network will result in your link being terminated. OpenBridge

Please limit your requests to 10 to 15 talk groups. We will only provide 5, 6 and 7 digit talk groups at this time. Creation of Talk Groups

Talk Groups are only labeled for 3, 4 and 5 Digit IDs. Due to the limited number of 5 Digit IDs available we are no longer labeling any new requests for 5 digit talk groups at this time. Please use your Radio ID (7-digit) or if you have a repeater your Repeater ID (6-digit) as your talk group. Although the 6 and 7 digit IDs will not be labeled they can be used immediately without Master Admin Approval. (in the new API, no release date at this time, repeater sysops will have the ability to label their 6-digit repeater ID in the repeater dashboard.) Cross Links

There are to be NO cross-links bridging of any type on any State-Wide talk groups, Tacs 310-312, or USA Nationwide 3100. It seems people like to experiment and this is NOT the place to do it. If you need to test, please use your personal DMR ID as a 7 digit group call (talk group). We are a guest to those talk groups. TAC (tactical) Channels

TAC 310 - 312 are bridged between different networks through DMRX so that communications between different networks are possible. Please allow time between each transmission to allow others to also use the talk groups. When a users on a cbridge activates a talkgroup, they will not hear anything until the next transmission starts. We are a guest on these talk groups. TAC 310 - 312 should NOT be used as a primary talk groups by anyone! USA Nationwide 3100 should be used for that. If you wish to have longer conversation, that is what the TACs are for. Not to initiate a conversation.

Update July 6th 2019: The TAC channels can no longer be made as static talkgroups. The TACs were being used as call groups, which they aren't. We have also removed the auto-static option on the hotspots. This means they will time out after a duration of time. Nationwide 3100 Updated 1-24-2021

This is the main talkgroup for the United States. All are welcome but we do ask if you are a foreign station to please make contact and move to a tac talkgroup. Talkgroups have labels for a reason and we do not want this turning into a World Wide talkgroup like talkgroup 91. Statewide Talk Groups Update 2-8-2021

State talk groups should be used as call channels or short conversations of 10 minutes or less. Most states have chat or tac talk groups of their own that you may used for longer discussions. Many repeaters carry their local statewide talk groups as static talk groups. Please be courteous and remember how many repeaters you may be keying up when using a statewide talk group. If you are using another statewide talk group and are not in communications with someone else in that state, please be courteous and move to a different talk group Statewide Talkgroup usage should use true dmr only. There should be no bridging of any other modes to ANY statewide talkgroup.

A complete listing of all talkgroups can be found by clicking here.