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United States of America
MCC Prefix 310-320
Coordinators N3FE W7XM, 

Master Server Information[edit]

Master Domain IP Address Location Donations
3102 Dallas, Texas Donate
3103 San Jose, California Donate
3104 Chicago, Illinois Donate


08/18/2021 - 2021 Summer Updates - View Summer Updates PDF

05/08/2021 - 3101 Removed from Pi-Star DMR Connections - 3101 will no longer be an option for users in Pi-Star please choose another master server to connect to.

04/23/2021 - Decommission of BM3101 Server - View Announcement PDF.


To contact the team or request for technical assistance please utilize one of the following options to contact us,


Please note that HoseLine is not operational. Any existing links will dead-end.

Hotspot Configurations[edit]

Users connecting hotspots to BrandMeister USA Servers will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their hotspot security password as of Dec 11th, 2020.


Master Servers control two main timers for system usage. Holdoff (handoff) Timer and On Demand (Dynamic) Timers.

Hand Off Timer (Hold off) is set for 5 Mins on USA Master Servers. This timer function will hold off all other talk groups on a Time Slot when a user activates a talk group and will hold of the other dynamic and static talk groups on a Timeslot for a period of 5 minutes.

On Demand Timer (Dynamic) is set for 15 mins on USA Master Servers. This timer function provides for when a user keys up a dynamic talk group and will stay active for a period of 15 minutes. Once the timer exceeds this time the dynamic talk group will drop off.

Not Supported on USA Masters[edit]

Bridging to USA Master Servers[edit]

Supported Bridging[edit]

USA Master Servers support the bridging of CBridge, OpenBridge, XLX Interlink , YSF Client, Wires-X, IMRS and NXDN Client. Using MMDVM Bridge/client (Peer connection), typically used with HBLink, to Bridge Talk groups are not supported and should request one of the following supported bridges if needing to bridge between network/systems. For example, to Bridge HBLink Server and BrandMeister use of OpenBridge is the proper way to link to talk groups between the two systems.

Talk Groups[edit]

USA Master Admins will only provide 31X, 330, 370 MCCs links. If requiring a link to a talk group which does not fall in the USA MCCs you will need to contact the host server admin of the country the MCC is in. For CBridge CC requests please contact USA Server Admin teams if requiring a talk group from another MCC.

If requesting a Statewide talk group (4 digit) please review the list below (Talk Groups), if it shows as hosted by another network we will not be able to provide the state wide talk group(s).

TAC 310-319 may be used for general conversation. Remember, these are Tactical talk groups and NOT call channels! There should NOT be any nets on these talk groups. If you want a net, please use 31001 and 31002.

Global Talk Groups, any 9x, such as 91, 93 will not be provided for bridging to other systems/networks with the exception of CBridges.

Re-Bridging any BrandMeister Talk groups to another network will result in your link being terminated.


Please limit your requests to 10 talk groups. We will only provide 5, 6 and 7 digit talk groups at this time.

Creation of Talk Groups[edit]

Talk Groups are only labeled for 3, 4 and 5 Digit IDs. Due to the limited number of 5 Digit IDs available we are no longer labeling any new requests for 5 digit talk groups at this time. Please use your Radio ID (7-digit) or if you have a repeater your Repeater ID (6-digit) as your talk group. Although the 6 and 7 digit IDs will not be labeled they can be used immediately without Master Admin Approval. (in the new API, no release date at this time, repeater sysops will have the ability to label their 6-digit repeater ID in the repeater dashboard.)

Cross Links[edit]

There are to be NO cross-links/cross-mode/bridging of any type on any State-Wide talk groups, Tacs 310-312, or USA Nationwide 3100. It seems people like to experiment and this is NOT the place to do it. If you need to test, please use your personal DMR ID as a 7 digit group call (talk group). We are a guest to those talk groups.

TAC (tactical) Channels[edit]

TAC 310 - 312 are bridged between different networks so that communications between different networks are possible. Please allow time between each transmission to allow others to also use the talk groups. When a users on a cbridge activates a talkgroup, they will not hear anything until the next transmission starts.

TAC 310 - 312 should NOT be used as a primary talk groups by anyone! USA Nationwide 3100 should be used for that. If you wish to have longer conversation, that is what the TACs are for. Not to initiate a conversation.

Update July 6th 2019: The TAC channels can no longer be made as static talkgroups. The TACs were being used as call groups, which they aren't. We have also removed the auto-static option on the hotspots. This means they will time out after a duration of time.

Nationwide 3100[edit]

This is the main talkgroup for the United States. All are welcome but we do ask if you are a foreign station to please make contact and move to a tac talkgroup. Talkgroups have labels for a reason and we do not want this turning into a World Wide talkgroup like talkgroup 91. There is to be no cross-links / cross-modes of any type to this talkgroup unless using an OpenBridge or Cbridge connection.

Statewide Talk Groups[edit]

State talk groups should be used as call channels or short conversations of 10 minutes or less. Most states have chat or tac talk groups of their own that you may used for longer discussions. Many repeaters carry their local statewide talk groups as static talk groups. Please be courteous and remember how many repeaters you may be keying up when using a statewide talk group. If you are using another statewide talk group and are not in communications with someone else in that state, please be courteous and move to a different talk group. Nets on Statewides are an exception. Statewide Talkgroup usage should use true dmr only. There should be no bridging of any other modes to ANY statewide talkgroup.

Talk Groups[edit]

A complete listing of all talkgroups can be found by clicking here.

Number Name Notes Hosted By
9 Local Local Communication
2 Cluster Local Cluster
310-312 USA TAC Channels United States Communication BrandMeister USA
313-319 USA TAC Channels United States Communication BrandMeister USA
3100 BM US Nationwide Bridge General Talk Group for USA based Users BrandMeister USA
31001 Net Talkgroup 1 Channel for Daily Nets BrandMeister USA
31002 Net Talkgroup 2 Channel for Daily Nets BrandMeister USA
3101 Alabama Alabama Statewide
3102 Alaska Alaska Statewide
3104 Arizona Arizona Statewide
3105 Arkansas Arkansas Statewide
3106 California California Statewide BrandMiester
3108 Colorado Colorado Statewide
3109 Connecticut Connecticut Statewide
3110 Delaware Delaware Statewide InterState Cbridge
3111 D.C. D.C. Statewide
3112 Florida Florida Statewide KC2CWT
3113 Georgia Georgia Statewide K4USD
3115 Hawaii Hawaii Statewide
3116 Idaho Idaho Statewide
3117 Illinois Illinois Statewide
3118 Indiana Indiana Statewide
3119 Iowa Iowa Statewide
3120 Kansas Kansas Statewide
3121 Kentucky Kentucky Statewide
3122 Louisiana Louisiana Statewide
3123 Maine Maine Statewide
3124 Maryland Maryland Statewide InterState Cbridge
3125 Massachusetts Massachusetts Statewide
3126 Michigan Michigan Statewide
3127 Minnesota Minnesota Statewide
3128 Mississippi Mississippi Statewide
3129 Missouri Missouri Statewide
3130 Montana Montana Statewide
3131 Nebraska Nebraska Statewide
3132 Nevada Nevada Statewide SNARS Cbridge
3133 New Hampshire New Hampshire Statewide
3134 New Jersey New Jersey Statewide m KC2CWT
3135 New Mexico New Mexico Statewide
3136 New York New York Statewide Upstate NY Cbridge
3137 North Carolina North Carolina Statewide MotoDMR
3138 North Dakota North Dakota Statewide
3139 Ohio Ohio Statewide K4USD
3140 Oklahoma Oklahoma Statewide
3141 Oregon Oregon Statewide
3142 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Statewide PADMR Cbridge
3144 Rhode Island Rhode Island Statewide
3145 South Carolina South Carolina Statewide
3146 South Dakota South Dakota Statewide
3147 Tennessee Tennessee Statewide DMRX
3148 Texas Texas Statewide
3149 Utah Utah Statewide
3150 Vermont Vermont Statewide
3151 Virginia Virginia Statewide DMRVA
3153 Washington Washington Statewide DMRX
3154 West Virginia West Virginia Statewide
3155 Wisconsin Wisconsin Statewide
3156 Wyoming Wyoming Statewide
3181 POTA ARRL Parks on the Air (POTA) - Used for coordination and general discussion for POTA Activities. BrandMeister USA
31600 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 0 BrandMeister
31601 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 1 BrandMeister
31602 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 2 BrandMeister
31603 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 3 BrandMeister
31604 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 4 BrandMeister
31605 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 5 BrandMeister
31606 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 6 BrandMeister
31607 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 7 BrandMeister
31608 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 8 BrandMeister
31609 Regional Regional Communication Based on Calling Area of Repeater for Area 9 BrandMeister

Applications and Special Groups[edit]

Fusion Talk Groups[edit]

99 DG-IDS can be assigned per each master for DR-2X Repeaters with LAN Cards connecting to a BrandMeister Server. The table below shows current mapped DG-IDs to BrandMeister Talk Groups.

DG-ID 3104 3102 3103
01 Reserved For Local Usage Reserved For Local Usage Reserved For Local Usage
02 Reserved For Local Usage Reserved For Local Usage Reserved For Local Usage
05 -- 31010 - Alabama Link --
13 -- -- 310813 - K7PFJ Repeater
25 -- -- 31325 - HXO
27 -- -- 31327 - Las Vegas
28 -- -- 31328 - SNARS
29 -- -- 31329 - SNARS 2
32 -- -- 3132 - Nevada
44 -- -- 310844 - K0PRA Repeater
52 -- 311752 - KB9YVN Repeater --
55 -- 31551 - WI Fusion --
69 -- -- 310869 - W1VAN Repeater
70 -- -- 31070 - Ventura County Digital Radio Club
71 -- 31171 - Illinois Link 3171 - NoCo
79 -- 31179 - Woodford County IL ARES --
83 -- -- 31083 - Co Severe WX
84 -- -- 31084 - NO CO Mountain FR
88 -- -- 31088 - Colorado HD
90 -- -- --
91 -- -- 310891 - ND4L Repeater

Repeater and System Connections[edit]

You are welcome to connect your Motorola, Hytera, Abell, or Hombrew repeaters as well as DVMega hotspots. We also support those wanting to connect talkgroups from their existing c-Bridge.

There are three BrandMeister servers, which are geographically dispersed, located in the US. For the best performance, please select the server that is closest to your repeaters physical location, or gives the lowest ping times to your location.

Motorola Repeaters - Eastern US[edit]

3101 (East) Configuration Example

Motorola Repeaters - Central US[edit]

3102(Central) Configuration Example

Motorola Repeaters - Western US[edit]

3103(West) Configuration Example

Hytera Repeaters - Eastern US[edit]

3101 (East) Configuration Example

Hytera Repeaters - Central US[edit]

3102 (Central) Configuration Example

Hytera Repeaters - Western US[edit]

3103 (West) Configuration Example

USA Masters and Contacts[edit]

The United States has three masters, 3101, 3102 and 3103

DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

3101 N3FE,  New York, NY

3102 N3FE,  Dallas, TX.

3103 WX7M,  San Jose, CA.