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The Kapihan talk group provides the community of Filipino licensed HAMs worldwide, a place where they can relax and connect about daily activities and their lives in general.

The Kapihan talk group is part of the Kapihan Network (http://www.kapihan.net), which is a multimode system consisting of linked Wires-X Room, YSF, FCS, XLX reflectors, DMR BM Talkgroup 51547, AllStar Link, EchoLink with connected Filipino Amateur Radio operators and repeaters.

The system's direction is N6DOZ Rudy, the creator and administrator's vision — it is to have an inclusionary wide system which enables Filipino hams all over the world to connect and have brief and meaningful QSOs, utilizing different digital protocols through the internet or connected repeaters, free of politics and polarizing issues.

Come visit us through the local repeaters or through your personal hotspots. Until our next QSO - Mabuhay!