MCC Prefix 724
Coordinators PY2IV, KC1DX, PU2ENG, 



WorldWide Dashboard

Brazilian Dashboard

Connected to Master-7241 (Brazil)


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

7241 PY2IV, KC1DX, PU2ENG,  São Paulo

MMDVM DMR Network Configuration

National Talk Groups

Number Slot Name Notes
724 1 Brazil Nationwide
7242 1 Southeastern Region
7243 1 Southern Region
7244 1 Central-Western Region
7245 1 Northeastern Region
7246 1 Northern Region
9 2 Local Local Communication

External Networks Talk Groups

Number Slot Name Notes
724942 1 XRF 724B
724943 1 DCS 016B
724944 1 YSF 724

Worldwide Talk Groups

The talk groups that are available worldwide and based on the spoken language and geographic area. These talk groups may be configured as Dynamic Talk Groups in your area which are contacted by a PTT press on a group contact number. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 10 minutes after last PTT press.

Number Name Notes
91 Worldwide English English Language
92 Europe European Region
93 or 3100 North America United States and Canada
95 Pacific Rim Australia and New Zealand
910 German German Language
911 French French Language
913 English English Language
914 Spanish Spanish Language
915 Portuguese Portuguese Language
921 French French Language
923 English European English Language

Applications and Special Talk Groups

TG Application
9990 or 724997 Parrot
724999 ARS/RRS/GPS (Testing)