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Talkgroups on timeslot 1

Of course, all BrandMeister talkgroups can be activated in World wide. International talkgroups, national and regional talkgroups of countries. Sri Lanka should be used on timeslot 1. Talkgroup 413 is permanently active for Srl Lanka. It is meant as a calling channel, for establishing the initial contact and facilitate QSY to a regional or user activated talkgroup.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
91 1 Worldwide - also used for the Worldwide Net every Saturday at 17:00 UTC
92 1 Europe
907 1 JOTA - international Scouting talkgroup
910 1 Deutsch weltweit - German language worldwide (user activated talkgroup)
913 1 English language worldwide
914 1 Spanish language worldwide
920 1 D-A-CH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) - German language
937 1 French worldwide (connected to "C4FM francophone")
208 1 France - national talkgroup
222 1 Italy - national talkgroup
228 1 Switzerland - national talkgroup
413 2 Sri Lanka - national talkgroup
232 1 Austria - national talkgroup
262 1 Germany - national talkgroup
XXXXX 1 Find more national talkgroups here

User-activated (Tactical) Sri Lanka Talk Groups on Time Slot 2

User-activated talk groups, also known as "tactical", "dynamic" or "on demand" talk groups, are activated by pressing PTT once. The talk group will stay active (on the repeater it has been activated) for 10 minutes after the last activation. Users "meet" on national or regional talk groups (e.g., TG 413,TS1) and will then agree to switch to one of the user-activated talk groups (TGs 41350 or 41360). Since user-activated talk groups are used on time slot 2, this operating procedure frees up resources on time slot 1 for other users.

Talkgroup Timeslot Description
41350 2 4SUA 1
41360 2 4SUA 2

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Positioning on Motorola CPS:

- General:

- GPS: On

- Network:

- CAI Network: 12

- ARS Radio ID: XXX999 , XXX being the first three digits of any Master Server.
This server does not necessarily need to be the Master Server to which the repeater is connected

- preferred channel settings:

- ARS: On System/Site Change

- IP Site Connect: On

- GPS Revert: Selected

- Data Call Confirmed: Off (unchecked)


  • 9990 Parrot (Private call and TS2)

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