MCC Prefix 466
Coordinators BU2GH, 

Master Server

There is currently no dedicated Brandmeister Master Server for Taiwan. The closest server is South Korea #4501. Although you can connect your repeater or hotspot on any BrandMeister master server.

Taiwan Talkgroups

On BrandMeister DMR, talkgroups are available on both TimeSlot 1 and TimeSlot 2. Please check the dashboard page of your local repeater to find out if talkgroups are already configured statically, and if the sysop provides timeslot recommendations for dynamic talkgroups.

TalkGroup Description D-Star YSF Wires-X
46600 Taiwan DMR NationWide No No No
46609 HAMTalk Club of Taiwan Yes Yes No
46610 Taiwan DMR Tech Forum No No No
46621 TMMARC(Taiwan Muti-Mode Amateur Radio Club) No No No
46699 DV Taiwan Club Digital Bridge Yes Yes No

Getting Help

For further help, please contact Kim BU2GH.

Update TG info by Adam / BU2BF. (20180131)

Other hams in Taiwan familiar with BrandMeister setup, please add your callsign to this page!

A copy of NCC(National Communication Commission) journal published at May 2016 is attached for the Chinese-reading readers to understand the history and outlook of Taiwan amateur radio development, from the past to the future.

DMR, as well as other forms of digital communication like D-Star, C4FM has been gaining more popularity from the Amateur Radio community in Taiwan. There are several pioneers of DMR operators led the research and development with their accumulated knowledge from this hobby. As of present there are operators adopting various technologies to access DMR communication including Openspot, DVMega and MMDVM, there are experienced operators(OM) exploring their DIY setup and put them into use. There are chat groups around Taiwan full of users showing great interest to learn.

Looking forward, DMR in Taiwan will certainly grow as much as what have happened in other countries. With the great foundation of electronics and telecom technologies, we expect Taiwan will become one of the major countries in Asia to this new communication mode. We extend our welcome to all stations to access our TG and multimode reflectors:

46600 Taiwan DMR Nationwide 46610 Taiwan DMR Tech Forum 46609 HAMTalk Club of Taiwan. DV Taiwan XLX886 Reflector (updated 0805 2018 by BX2AEK)

Where the friendship begins!

Kim BU2GH(former BX2AEK) Summer, 2018