• We suggest using no more than one server for each country. Of course exceptions to this rule can be discussed.
  • Country should have more than 10 repeaters or country is far away from current Master

What is BrandMeister

The BrandMeister solution consists of 3 main parts:

  • real-time front-end: BrandMeister DMR Server
  • middle-ware: MySQL, Tarantool, Mosquitto
  • back-end

BrandMeister does all the work of switching DMR calls and communication with repeaters or other servers as well as running specific DMR applications like ARS, RRS, LRRP, IP transport, Parrot, etc. It utilizes a MySQL database in read-only mode to read user profiles and routes. Memcached is used in read-write mode to manage routes and Mosquitto is used to send network events. Currently we use a centralized work-around solution based on Python as the back-end. It processes events received from Mosquitto and writes data to the database. All servers have slave databases that are replicas of the master database placed near the current back-end. We plan to develop the target back-end system named CallDirector but lack the free time for development and are looking for collaboration with further development on it. CallDirector should use mesh-network technologies and an active-active replication schema to synchronize profile data.

Hardware specifications

The recommended server specifications are:

  • 2 vCPU
  • 2GB ~ 4GB memory
  • 10GB ~ 20GB disk space

Installation and Configuration

  1. Prepare a server: this solution requires a publicly available server based on Debian x64 version 8.x with public static IP. You can use a VM based on vmWare or KVM. Please do not use OpenVZ.
  2. Configure the necessary iptables. We deploy the initial configuration of BrandMeister for you. Please do not install any package listed in previous sections.
  3. You will need some time to learn the paradigm of the system as well as how to manage and program the configuration. We will support you.

We strongly recommend that you delegate the responsibility of server deployment to our team. The server will always be under your full control, but we should have access to update and make fixes to the system.

Please send your questions and requests to our Yahoo group, our Facebook Group or directly to Rudy (PD0ZRY) or me.

73 de R3ABM