MCC Prefix 242
Coordinators LA1FTA, 

DMR Repeaters have 2 timeslots (TS), which allow 2 simultaneous conversations. This is similar to having two separate analog repeaters.

Since the groups for calling are statically linked to TS1, there's a possibility that other communication will be interrupted by other calls. The rule of thumb is therefore to make your call on TS1, and then move to TS2 and continue the conversation on the agreed talkgroup.

The chat groups TG 24201 - 24204 (see table below) are good for traditional repeater conversations. They are only audible on repeaters where a user has PTT-activated it, and they go away after some time of inactivity. No worries about forgetting to disconnect.

Don't be afraid to "break" something! Worst case is that we find a problem that we can fix so everything will be even better in the future!

If your interested in seeing where the current norwegian traffic is, you can click here: LastHeard for Norway

Happy hamming!

Talk groups

Calling Talk Groups (Static on TS1)

Each repeater has the national and the relevant regional Calling TG static on TS1.

A considerate way to use the system is to use the calling groups for short messages or agreeing on a chat group (24201-24204), then QSY to TS2 and the agreed TG to complete the conversation.

Norway call groups.png

Complete list

Non-static groups are user activated by PTT. Normally use TS2 for user activated groups.

User activatet groups are active for 10 minutes after last local keyup. Can be disconnected immediately by making a private call to 4000

TalkGroup/242242NorwayNational calling4860
TalkGroup/2420124201Norway Chat 1Casual chat and ragchew 1
TalkGroup/2420224202Norway Chat 2Casual chat and ragchew 2
TalkGroup/2420324203Norway Chat 3Equipment testing. Backup Chat (3)
TalkGroup/2420424204Norway Chat 4Free for Chat. Linked to XLX404-D and Yaesu Fusion YSF006. Echolink planned.
TalkGroup/24212421Norway Region South/EastRegional calling for Norway South/East
TalkGroup/24242424Norway Region WestRegional calling for Norway West
TalkGroup/24262426Norway Region CentralRegional calling for Norway Central
TalkGroup/24292429Norway Region NorthRegional calling for Norway North

Additionally, there are two special talkgroups:

  • TG 9 - This is local only. Traffic does not go to any other repeater unless connected to a reflector
  • TG 8 - This can be used for repeater clusters. Contact the master sysop for more info.

Special IDs (Private call)

When configuring your radio / terminal there IDs can be useful to know.

Parrot 242997
IP Bridge (planned) 242998
RRS / GPS / APRS 242999


Reflectors are now deprecated

For DV4mini users it is neccessary to use new software from that will permit you to use TalkGroups.

It was also possible to use these on other hotspots and repeaters, but using the TalkGroups directly is essential. GroupCall 4000 disconnects all dynamic and auto-fixed TalkGroups.

This was not a complete list, but served as an example:

  • 4000 - Disconnect
  • 4400 - UK
  • 4860 - Norway (linked to TG 242)
  • 4999 - DV4mini extended routing Read this!
  • 5000 - Status

Repeater Configuration

If your repeater is in Norway, connect it to the norwegian master using the correct hostname.

If you need a password, contact

Try not to use IP adress since it can change without notice and the repeater will be offline.

  • Hostname:
  • IP:

Manuacturer specific settings: