MCC Prefix 244
Coordinators OH2LAK, OH3ERV, 

FinDMR Next Generation DMR network is powered by Brandmeister

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FinDMR information portal

In any questions, please contact Erik Finskas OH2LAK at [callsign]

Details of DMR repeaters in Finland are available at -service

Supporting and welcoming all repeaters and hotspots honoring local regulations. Mainly intended for Finnish and Estonian stations to connect.

FinDMR-NG talkgroup matrix:

TS1 Dynamic allocations to international traffic + static allocation for nationwide traffic On-Demand timeout 10 minutes, handoff timer 15 seconds

Static talkgroups on TS1: 244 Finland nationwide 9 Local

Dynamic talkgroups on TS1: 24401 Finland QSY1 24402 Finland QSY2 24403 Finland SAR / VAPEPA 24404 Finland Tech Talk 24405 Finland Bulletins 24406 Finland Testing / Commissioning

TS2 Static allocations for regional groups + dynamically available elsewhere 2440 Regional OH0 2441 Regional OH1 2442 Regional OH2 2443 Regional OH3 24431 Regional OH3 Tampere area 24432 Regional OH3 Lahti area 2444 Regional OH4 2445 Regional OH5 2446 Regional OH6 24461 Regional OH6 Keski-Suomi area 24462 Regional OH6 Pohjanmaa area 2447 Regional OH7 2448 Regional OH8 2449 Regional OH9

FinDMR ARS/RRS/Location update destination 244999

Parrot application 244997