MCC Prefix 206
Coordinators ON3YH, ON7LDS, ON3WOO, ON5VDK, 

The Belgian DMR repeaters and dongles are being managed by BrandMeister Master server 2061. Almost all Belgian repeaters are connected to the Belgian BrandMeister master. An exact list is available here. This server is located in a belgian datacenter.

IP =

Homebrew protocol / MMDVM / Hotspot password = passw0rd

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Regions, Time Slots and Talk Groups

Timeslot 1 is preserved for regional communication (see regional talkgroups). The talkgroups specific to each region are static on the repeaters in those regions.

Timeslot 2 is used for local communications, clusters, connections to on-demand talkgroups and reflectors.

Talk Group Overview

Please do NOT use talkgroup 206 as it is only for B-EARS (Belgian Emergency Amateur Radio Service)

Regional Talkgroups

These regional talkgroups are made static on TS1 of all the repeaters situated in that region.

Talk Group # Name / Region Time Slot Primary Language Description
TalkGroup/2061 Belgium North 1 Dutch North region, Static on Northern repeaters
TalkGroup/2062 Belgique Sud 1 Français Région Wallone (Color Code 2)
TalkGroup/2063 Belgium East 1
German East region, static on Eastern repeaters

On Demand Groups

On Demand Talk Groups are talk groups that are made available on a repeater in range by a PTT press on a group contact number. After this connection, the repeater keeps transmitting QSO's on this talk group up until 10 minutes after the last PTT press. These dynamic talk groups are internationally available.

For instance, starting a QSO on talk group 204 on a Belgian repeater on time slot 2 will configure that Belgian repeater to start broadcasting QSO's happening on the dutch talk group 204 for 5 minutes. Transmitting on TG204 through a Belgian repeater will broadcast your QSO on all Dutch repeaters and will reset the 5 minutes timer back to 0.

Specific Belgian on-demand talk groups

The idea of these On-Demand groups is to connect multiple repeaters and create your own "region" or "group" of repeaters dynamically. These groups are also available internationally:

Talk Group # Name Time Slot Description
TalkGroup/2064 Belgium On Demand Group 4 2 On-Demand talk group 1
TalkGroup/2065 Belgium On Demand Group 5 2 On-Demand talk group 2
TalkGroup/2066 Belgium On Demand Group 6 2 On-Demand talk group 3
TalkGroup/2067 Belgium On Demand Group 7 2 On-Demand talk group 4
TalkGroup/2068 Belgium On Demand Group 8 2 On-Demand talk group 5
TalkGroup/2069 Belgium On Demand Group 9 2 On-Demand talk group 6
TalkGroup/20601 Belgium On Demand Group YSF Bridge to Belgium North 2 On-Demand talk group bridged to Fusion
TalkGroup/20602 Belgium On Demand Group YSF Bridge to Belgium South 2 On-Demand talk group bridged to Fusion


Reflector # Talk Group # Name Description
4751 2061 Belgium North North region, Static on TS1 Northern repeaters
4752 2062 Belgium South South region, Static on TS1 Southern repeaters
4753 2063 Belgium East East region, Static on TS1 Eastern repeaters

When using Belgian repeaters, using Talk Groups 2061, 2062 and 2063 on Time Slot 1 is preferred over using these reflectors on talk group 9 on time slot 2.

Group Calls and Private Calls

The BrandMeister network allows Group Calls and Private Calls.

Group Calls

A Group Call is a call to a talk group number, in which other stations configured to listen to this talk group will receive and broadcast this call. These other stations can respond in the same group call using the same talk group number. A list of commonly used talk groups is available below.

When using a Hytera station, you can manually dial in a group ID by selecting Contact in the menu, select Manual Dial and press # to switch between Group or Private ID.

Private Calls

A Private Call is a call to a specific DMR ID. This allows a single station to connect over the BrandMeister network to another station. The communication is "private" in that other DMR stations with a different DMR ID programmed won't broadcast the QSO, but the communication is available for anyone listening in to the DMR stream or with a DMR station with an identical DMR ID programmed.

When using a Hytera station, you can manually dial in a private ID by selecting Contact in the menu, select Manual Dial and press # to switch between Group or Private ID.

Applications and Services

GPS & Registration Service

All GPS and Registration data should be sent over Slot 2 to ID 206999 (as of january 18th 2017).

Echo Service

The Echo service runs on TG 9990 and must be used in combination with a private call