MCC Prefix 255
Coordinators UZ5DU, 


DMR ID Managed by Location Remarks

2551 UZ5DU,  unspecified Hosted by UR7D Team

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Using Time Slots

TG2555 (Ukraine-DIGI) is nationwide and calling group; it uses dedicated TS2 exclusively. No other group is allowed on TS2. Any other groups (but TG2555), reflectors or local communications (TG9) are allowed on TS1 only. This rule is a MUST!!! There are no exceptions.

Talk Groups

  • TS2 TG2555 Ukraine-DIGI (Cross-link to D-STAR reflector XRF255 B Reflector status )
  • TS1 TG9 Local traffic within a single repeater
  • TS1 TG2559 Emergency Ukraine
  • TS1 TG25599 Emergency Transkharpatia
  • TS1 TG2558, TG2557, TG2554, TG2553 are reserved for future use

Regional Talk Groups

  • 25501-UR0Uxx (UR0UUB-255985, UR0UUE-255976, UR0UUS-255982)
  • 25502-UR0Nxx
  • 25503-UR0Pxx
  • 25504-UR0Exx (UR0EUA-255993)
  • 25505-UR0Ixx
  • 25506-UR0Xxx
  • 25507-UR0Dxx (UR0DMR-255999,UR0DMS-255998,UR0DMV-255996,UR0DMU-255995,UR0DMM-25555)
  • 25508-UR0Zxx
  • 25509-UR0Qxx
  • 25510-UR0Uxx
  • 25511-UU0Jxx
  • 25512-UR0Vxx
  • 25513-UR0Mxx
  • 25514-UR0Wxx (UR0WUA-255994,UR0WUB-255992)
  • 25515-UR0Zxx
  • 25516-UR0Fxx (UR0FUA-255991,UR0FUB-255988,UR0FUC-255987)
  • 25517-UR0Hxx
  • 25518-UR0Kxx
  • 25519-UR0Axx
  • 25520-UR0Bxx
  • 25521-UR0Lxx (UR0LUA-255989)
  • 25522-UR0Gxx
  • 25523-UR0Txx
  • 25524-UR0Cxx
  • 25525-UR0Rxx
  • 25526-UR0Yxx
  • 25527-UU9Jxx


Reflectors are not configured yet