MCC Prefix 502
Coordinators 9W2POP, 

Welcome to Brandmeister Malaysia


Talk groups

Talk Group Description Timeslot
TG 5021 Malaysia Main Talkgroup TS 2
TG 50210 Wires-X Bridge (MALAYSIA-NET) & YSF Reflector (Malaysia Net) Bridge TS 2

Applications and Special Talk Groups/ID

TG Application
Private Call 502999 Malaysian Parrot
Private Call 9990 Parrot / Echo
Group Call 4000 Adhoc disconnect all dynamic TGs (Do not wish to wait for the 5 minutes auto disconnection, including auto-static TGs)
Send Private Text to 262993 (German BM Server) WX SMS - Retrieving a WX report (several parameters for locations available, i.e. wx penang,malaysia )
Send Private Text to 502999 APRS Text (FORMAT: 9W2XXX-SUFFIX[SPACE]Message) to 502999 **note the CALLSIGN & SUFFIX must be in CAPITAL LETTERS
Group Call 50210 Malaysian DMR<->Wires-X, MALAYSIA-NET room 24060 & YSF reflector bridge

Note* Wires-X connected repeaters:

9M2RKL 439.600MHz, Shift -5.0MHz (Klang Valley)
9M4RMU 439.825MHz, Shift -5.0MHz (Melaka)