Participation rules

Administrators of Master Servers agree to:

  1. Host a Linux server with a static IP running 24/7 on their country's internet backbone
  2. Provide and maintain SSH root access to the BrandMeister development team for maintenance
  3. Update, maintain and backup the server on a regular basis
  4. Update the BrandMeister application as updates become available and assist BrandMeister development team and users when troubleshooting is required
  5. Assist repeater owners, c-bridge owners, and other gateway owners connecting to the Master Server
  6. Configure static talkgroups at any repeater owner's request
  7. Always accept repeater owners located in their countries of operation
  8. Assist travelling users in accessing any dynamic talkgroups
  9. Promote a positive image of BrandMeister

Master Servers Administrators shall NOT:

  1. Interfere with FastForward traffic (between master servers)
  2. Block incoming or outgoing traffic from repeaters, unless specifically requested by repeater sysop
  3. Block private calls, unless specifically requested by repeater sysop
  4. Force repeater owners to use a Static Talkgroup configuration

At any time, if rules are violated, the management team can revoke the license of your system