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TalkGroup/111224 +Tampa Emergency Management Group  +
TalkGroup/204 +Country wide talkgroup  +
TalkGroup/2041 +regional talkgroup for the north part of the Netherlands  +
TalkGroup/20411 +Multi Mode [X]Cross 411. Formerly called ZODigi. Hotspots and code-plug experiments. Not repeater coupled. Hotspot only, although repeaters allow dynamic coupling to 20411.  +
TalkGroup/2042 +regional talkgroup for the middle part of the Netherlands  +
TalkGroup/20421 +Local talkgroup for the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area  +
TalkGroup/2043 +Regional Talkgroup for the south part of the Netherlands  +
TalkGroup/204321 +jotacrew  +
TalkGroup/2044 +regional talkgroup for the east part of the Netherlands  +
TalkGroup/20441 +Regional talkgroup for the IJsselmond region  +
TalkGroup/2045 +Technical discussions  +
TalkGroup/2049881 +Link to XRF88A  +
TalkGroup/2049882 +Link to XRF88B  +
TalkGroup/20601 +Linked to the Yaesu System Fusion Room 'Belgium North'.  +
TalkGroup/20602 +Linked to the YSF Reflector 'Belgium South'.  +
TalkGroup/2061 +Activates all repeaters (TS1) in the northern region of Belgium. Language: Dutch.  +
TalkGroup/2062 +Activates all repeaters (TS1) in the southern region of Belgium. Language: French.  +
TalkGroup/2063 +Activates all repeaters (TS1) in the eastern region of Belgium. Language: German.  +
TalkGroup/208 +National talkgroup for France  +
TalkGroup/2080 +Regional Talkgroup for Ile de France in France  +
TalkGroup/20815 +French Open Network (FON)  +
TalkGroup/20816 +Bridge with D-STAR DCS033C Nation-Wide France D-STAR Reflector  +
TalkGroup/20821 +Talkgroup national  +
TalkGroup/20830 +Departement du Gard - Sud de France  +
TalkGroup/20837 +TG 37  +
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