GB7LD is the Brandmeister repeater for Leyland in Lancashire.

TS1 TG9 is the Leyland Talkgroup it is linked to TG235213 so can talk to Leyland where ever you are on the brandmeister network by programming TG 235213 into your code plug.

There are some Scheduled (Timed) Talk groups on Slot 1 of the repeater, have a listen. Details below.

If you want to host a DMR net via the repeater please let me know, or if you know of a net you want open regularly let me know.

==Settings ==

Pop this information in your codeplug to play with GB7LD Frequency In your Radio

Rx: 439.4375 Tx: 430.4375

Colour Code -- 15

== Talk Groups Layout ==

Time Slot 1 Static Talk Groups Local Chat TG 9 (from home or away (TG 235213))

Scheduled Talk Groups Saturday 16:00 World Wide Check In Net TG 91 19:30 The Wales rag Chew Net TG 2356

Sunday 10:00 GB2RS News TG 23559

Time Slot 2 Static Talk Groups Local Chat TG 9 UK Call TG 2350 QSY to 2351 - 2352 North West TG 23520 ICQ Podcast TG 9480 Please use this Time slot for UA talk groups useless it is in use locally.

== GB7LD supports the work of Raynet-UK ==

GB7LD connects to the Raynet-UK Private DMR server and the Local group net channel.

In times of emergency or large events the repeater may be used for Emergency Communications and the Brandmeister Server disconnected for a time. If this is the case as much notice will be given as possible.

== Code Plugs ==

Codeplugs tend to be a personal thing so I will only provide basic codeplugs..If you need a codeplug for a specific purpose and you can't make it yourself ask me and I will help where i can (bear in mind I work full time so cannot produce on demand immediately)

Latest version Code plugs are [1]

For general enquiries & questions, contact us via email