Talk Group 3100 - USA

Talk Group 3100 is designated for usage by USA based stations.

General Usage of Talk Group 3100

Here are some general recommended tips/guidelines while using talk group 3100.

  • Please respect the designated usage for this Talk group as it is for users of the USA.
  • Pause between conversations (2 seconds or more) to allow stations to join in and or to allow hotspot users a pause to disconnect their stations.
  • If you are a station that is outside of the USA, please respect the usage of this talk group and if you do happen to be conversing with one more more users which are outside of the USA please move to an appropriate talk group to continue the conversation.
  • Nets are not permitted on Talk Group 3100.

Stations outside of the USA

Talk Group 3100 is available on all world-wide BrandMeister Servers but we do ask stations outside of the USA to minimize using the talk group to chat with stations outside of the USA. Meaning, please don't tie up the talk group if you are a station outside of the USA and talking to another user outside of the USA on talk group 3100. Please use other talk groups meant for worldwide communications such as World Wide, North America or TAC Channels.