Talker Alias is a new great possibility added to ETSI DMR specifications in 2016. Its behavior is fully same as Free-Text in D-STAR: a radio transmits text data (as well as it can transmit GPS location) during voice call. We have added two important things to BrandMeister DMR Server:

  • Pass-thru of embedded signaling data (TalkerAlias and GPS) over BrandMeister (if protocol supports this)
  • Generation of Talker Alias in many applications such as Simple Application Protocol, AutoPatch, D-STAR and Fusion gateways

Specification is available here - page 52


  • Can you turn it of on a per user basis
    • No this is not possible (due the nature of group calls)
  • I have issues with audio on my radio
    • Please send PD0ZRY a email with the following information
      • Does it happen every call or only some of them
        • if some of them is it specific to a user or not?
      • Radio type
      • Radio firmware (don't say most recent)
      • Repeater or hotspot it has been received on (only the ID is needed)
      • Possibly even a video / audio of the problem happening

Works on

  (This is not an automatic build that kicks off at every change, it is being tested before release)

Radios that do not support TA but have no issues with it

  • Motorola
    • SL4000 fw versioin R02.40.02 (PD0ZRY)
  • Chinees
    • MD380 with md380tools firmware (PD0ZRY)
    • MD390G with md380tools firmware (PD0ZRY)

Unknown to work fully

  • DV4*

Does not work (yet)

  • Motorola Repeaters (possible, but it has issues with decoding audio streams)

Does not work (no possibilities)

  • c-Bridge CC-CC Link (protocol limitation)
  • RadioActivity KAIROS (protocol limitation)