List of 701st PHILCCOM SBn AMATEUR RADIO ENTHUSIASTS INC. Amateur Radio Clubs Interconnected at TG 51515 and *DX-PINAS* Echolink Conference Server

CallSign--------------- Location (District)

DX1AFP-------------- Philippines Radio District 1 National Capital Region, Calabarzon

DX2AFP-------------- Philippines Radio District 2 Ilocos Region, Northern Luzon

DX3AFP-------------- Philippines Radio District 3 Central Luzon


DX4AFP-------------- Philippines Radio District 4 Bicol Region

DX5AFP--------------Philippines Radio District 5 Eastern Visayas

DX6AFP--------------Philippines Radio District 6 Western Visayas

DX7AFP--------------Philippines Radio District 7 Central Visayas

DX8AFP--------------Philippines Radio District 8 Zamboanga Peninsula, Sossksargenes

DX9AFP--------------Philippines Radio District 9 Davao Region