31428 RFIT

Bill - W3WGS and Mike - KM4SM monitor RFIT between 5 AM - 8 AM and 4 PM - 6 PM. Monday thru Sunday.

RFIT is a talkgroup created to help new and existing DMR and Amateur Radio Operators with basic technical skills.

These skills range from learning how to write your own codeplug for several radios like: TYT MD-390G, 380, 2017; TERA 7400; Hytera PD782G; Motorola XPR / SL 7000 / 7000e series radios; Anytone AT-868UV or a radio of your choosing, providing you supply a codeplug template.

We also troubleshoot and help operators get their openSPOT, ZUMspot and Nano-Spot online and on the air.

RFIT is a sandbox consisting of BM DMR TG 31428, FCS 004-50 and Wires-X 28234

If you have any questions drop by!