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Hotspot Configurations
Notice: Users connecting hotspots to BrandMeister USA Servers will be required have a Selfcare account and to set their hotspot security password. This will be rolled out over the next few weeks starting with BM3101 on Nov 27th. BM3102 will be Dec 4th and BM3103 on Dec 11th.

Hotspot Security Password Setup Instructions -

Frequently Asked Questions - Hotspot Security - pdf document.

Setup a BRANDMEISTER profile picture  : share the link with others


BrandMeister Services

   Official BrandMeister Dashboard


  • General:
    • GPS: On
  • Network:
    • CAI Network: 12
    • ARS Radio ID: 302999 (this depends on the master)
  • Prefered channel settings:
    • ARS: On System/Site Change
    • Enhanced GPS: Off
    • Compressed UDP Data Header: Standard DMR
    • GPS Revert: Selected
    • Data Call Confirmed: On
    • CSBK Data: Off

Radios I Own and Using

Motorola SL7550 - North America

This is NOT the same model as the North America Motorola SL7550

Motorola XPR5550 -
Motorola XPR7550 -
Hytera PD782G - North America

This is NOT the same model in North America, 
the numbering on the model denotes the region the device is sold (xx2-North America, xx5-Euroup)

Hytera MD782G - North America

Not available in the list