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  • General:
    • GPS: On
  • Network:
    • CAI Network: 12
    • ARS Radio ID: 302999 (this depends on the master)
  • Prefered channel settings:
    • ARS: On System/Site Change
    • Enhanced GPS: Off
    • Compressed UDP Data Header: Standard DMR
    • GPS Revert: Selected
    • Data Call Confirmed: On
    • CSBK Data: Off

Radios I Own and Using

Motorola SL7550 - North America

This is NOT the same model as the North America Motorola SL7550

Motorola XPR5550 -
Motorola XPR7550 -
Hytera PD782G - North America

This is NOT the same model in North America, 
the numbering on the model denotes the region the device is sold (xx2-North America, xx5-Euroup)

Hytera MD782G - North America

Not available in the list