Starting BrandMeister release 20160421-112227 has support of WIRES-X connectivity.

WIRES-X Link allows:

  • To make bridges between DMR talking groups and WIRES-X rooms
  • Transfer voice calls between BrandMeister Network and WIRES-X network with audio quality 1:1 and signaling conversion


  • Fully transparent calls between DMR and WIRES-X
  • Full call signaling support in both directions
  • Sound quality is 1:1 in both directions
  • No extra hardware is required(*)
  • Late call entry is supported on both sides in both directions
  • System Fusion / WIRES-X side doesn’t loose any features
  • Each BrandMeister Server can be connected to several rooms

Conceptual view



  • Room should be run in digital only mode
  • BrandMeister server requires registered node ID and Call-Sign at Yaesu WIRES-X System (these credentials should not be used by any node or you should grant that node with these credentials will never be connected to required rooms)

Additional features

  • CLI-based support of chat for WIRES-X administrators:
    • Incoming messages are available via syslog
    • D-BUS API to send messages
    • Additional CLI utility SendWiresXMessage.php (not supplied to distribution)
  • Two options to connect:
    • Static IP or dynamic DNS
    • WIRES-X directory service (ILS) - implemented as Registry plug-in
  • Built-in support of DN and VW modes

Allocated ports

  • UDP 46110
  • UDP 46112


WiresXLink :
  // DTMF ID of local node
  number = NODE ID;
  // Call of local node
  call = "<NODE-ND>";
  // DP-ID of local "radio"
  serial = "xxxxx";
  // Connection profiles
  connections =

  // Room ID: ITALY
  // Group ID
  number = TG number;
  // Remote node address
  address = "<IP ADRESS or Domain Name>";
  // Connection mode:
  // 0 - Regular
  // 1 - Persistent
  // 2 - Regular, auto-reconnect on inactivity
  // 3 - Persistent, auto-reconnect on inactivity
  mode = 0;

Issues with connectivity

No sound from WIRES-X at all, BM Status web page shows “0 members”

Check your firewall rules, port UDP 46112 should be allowed.

DMR radio (and Last Heard) shows talking group number instead ID of operator

  • Operator has not registered his call-sign in CCS7 registration system - ask him to register
  • CRC check failed during processing of SystemFusion


Autodiscovery mode is an alternative mode to connect to WIRES-X rooms. In that mode there is no need to configure profiles in main configuration file. Instead of it the system connects to Yaesu's WIRES-X directory servers and track the changes. To use this mode you have to have an WIRES-X node ID from Yaesu and HRI-200 serial number. There numbers should never be used by another connected WIRES-X node.


  "plugs" :
    "210-FusionDirector" :
      "WiresNodeID" : <ID of registered WIRES-X node>,
      "HRISerial" : "<HRI-200 serial number>"


  Space WiresSubscriptions:
    1 - BrandMeister Instance ID
    2 - BrandMeister Application ID
    3 - DMR Group ID
    4 - WIRES-X Room ID{ 2621, 262100, 262100, 24007 })