If you are a software / hardware developer, you have to clearly understand that protocols such MMDVM, HomeBrew Repeater, IP Site Connect are oriented to connect repeaters or hotspots. BrandMeister differentiates connection types to: Repeater (Hotspot), Network, Terminal and Application. Repeaters and Hotspots processed with specific presentation layer which keeps in mind many things such as slots, hand-off timers, dynamic and static subscriptions, etc. So when you are trying to do something for the network, please keep in mind that we have some specials for you:

  • Open Bridge is to bridging networks, requires configuration on both endpoints, but has no limits with count of simultaneous streams
  • Open DMR Terminal Protocol is for IP-connected terminals, allows single stream per connection, but has API to manage groups, send and receive SMS and GPS, automatic terminal registration and supports PUSH-based application wake-up
  • Simple External Application is for IVRs, multimode bridges such as EchoLink, allows single stream per connection
  • HTTP API and MQTT API are for cases if you need send SMS or simple voice messages
  • Maybe it will be enough to use some functions of our APRS Gateway

Also please read DMR Data Transport.