MCC Prefix 219
Coordinators unspecified

Master Server

There is currently no dedicated Brandmeister Master Server for Croatia. The closest server is Czech Republic #2302. Although you can connect your repeater or hotspot on any BrandMeister master server.

Croatia Talkgroups

On BrandMeister DMR, talkgroups are available on both TimeSlot 1 and TimeSlot 2. Please check the dashboard page of your local repeater to find out if talkgroups are already configured statically, and if the sysop provides timeslot recommendations for dynamic talkgroups.

Currently Croatia has one nationwide talkgroup:

TalkGroup Description D-Star YSF Wires-X
219 Croatia Nacionalna No No No

Getting Help

For further help in Croatia, you can contact Jasmin 9A3ARJ or Igor 9A6NVI

Other hams in Taiwan familiar with BrandMeister setup, please add your callsign to this page!

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