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  • *** Added presence query ("radio check") ** Added support of presence query (radio check) for Motorola (ARS) and Hytera (RRS) radios
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  • ...erry Pi, Banana Pi and others), the DV4mini provides access to the amateur radio DMR-network via reflector connections. are not supported. It is a good idea when using the device, to view the activity on a tablet or mobile device using RealVNC reader.</p>
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  • ...tivity (this can easily be done using the dashboard’s lastheard, or your radio), and ask your party to QSY to one free TAC talkgroup. You can then continu interpretation by OfCom, but has been adopted by the World Wide Amateur Radio fraternity as a whole. DMR cannot be used without an ID.
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  • |vendor=Radio Activity
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  • ...51''' was established through the efforts of '''All Ways Prepared Amateur Radio Club Philippines Inc.(DX1BSP)''' |Philippines Radio District 1 National Capital Region, Calabarzon
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  • ...20059CN China #1]/ Wires-X Room24166 National Wide Talk Group. Weekly net activity on Saturday 8-10pm (Beijing time), Only Chinese language is accepted. | Zhejiang Province talkgroup, weekly net activity on Sunday 8pm, Chinese language only Link to [ P25 T
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  • ...entury old. Our members are amateur radio operators who share interests in radio and service to our community. Members help new members starting the hobby a CVRC closely supports GEARS (Glendale Emergency Auxiliary Radio). Many members are in both organizations and have provided communications f
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  • After that part, radio amateurs are called to discuss their past week`s activity, DX contacts and findings, projects and matters of R.A. interest.
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  • ...quality 1:1. As it is with [[WIRES-X]] or [[YSF]] bridges, a SystemFusion radio may transmit in DN or VW mode. ==== DMR radio (and Last Heard) shows talking group number instead ID of operator ====
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  • # Test your radio before joining 91. Use TG 98 to perform tests. be treated. Not all operators may be familiar with 91's popularity and activity levels. Feel free to point them to this guide and help them learn and grow.
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  • BrandMeister talkgroup 3149 is open to all ham radio operators in Utah and beyond. Please note many Utah related talkgroups are View all activity for the main Utah talkgroups: [
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  • ...States and the world. Supported by licensed operators within the amateur radio service, the ATN links repeaters throughout the southwestern area of the Un '''ACTIVITY:'''
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