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  • *** Added presence query ("radio check") ** Added support of presence query (radio check) for Motorola (ARS) and Hytera (RRS) radios
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  • ...ess on a group contact number. After the PTT press, the repeater transmits activity on this talk group for 15 minutes after last PTT press. ...ft: 0.3em;" | SCARS || style="text-align: left;" |South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) Norman, OK
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  •,simulacros,concursos y toda actividad que les requiera comunicarse vía radio con sus agremiados,amigos ,simpatizantes así como a todos los radioaficion,simulacros,concursos y toda actividad que les requiera comunicarse vía radio con sus agremiados,amigos ,simpatizantes así como a todos los radioaficion
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  • |vendor=Radio Activity
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  • *Se pone a la disposición de todos los radio aficionados TICOS el TG 71210 y con una invitación especial podrá ser us *Con la finalidad de que los radio experimentadores tenga un espacio para que sus miembros puedan llevar a ca
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  • ...51''' was established through the efforts of '''All Ways Prepared Amateur Radio Club Philippines Inc.(DX1BSP)''' |Philippines Radio District 1 National Capital Region, Calabarzon
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  • ...Communications through the use of operating standards and digital amateur radio technology during severe weather and other natural disaster emergencies.</p ...r threatens counties anywhere in the country. You’re most likely to hear activity during tornado and hurricane season, though large-scale winter storms may a
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  • ...entury old. Our members are amateur radio operators who share interests in radio and service to our community. Members help new members starting the hobby a CVRC closely supports GEARS (Glendale Emergency Auxiliary Radio). Many members are in both organizations and have provided communications f
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  • After that part, radio amateurs are called to discuss their past week`s activity, DX contacts and findings, projects and matters of R.A. interest.
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  • ...quality 1:1. As it is with [[WIRES-X]] or [[YSF]] bridges, a SystemFusion radio may transmit in DN or VW mode. ==== DMR radio (and Last Heard) shows talking group number instead ID of operator ====
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