PAPA Bridge (31078)
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Description Bridges from DMR to the PAPA Analog system
Country US
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF No

This talkgroup uses DVSwitch to connect with The PAPA System AllStar server. The AllStar server is used to connect our Southern California analog repeaters.

You can use this talkgroup to chat with people in SoCal or to join our analog nets.

Also look at the PAPA Chat talkgroup.

Facts about "TalkGroup/31078"
Bridged analogfalse +
Bridged dstarfalse +
Bridged p25false +
Bridged tetrafalse +
Bridged wires-xfalse +
Bridged ysffalse +
CountryUS +
DescriptionBridges from DMR to the PAPA Analog system +
NamePAPA Bridge +
Talkgroup31078 +