CO Severe WX (31083)
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Description The discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather.
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About CO Severe WX (31083)

CO Severe WX (BM Talkgroup 31083) is dedicated to the discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather, with a preference given for the state of Colorado. We believe in using DMR to promote and enhance Amateur Radio Emergency Communications through the use of operating standards and digital amateur radio technology during severe weather and other natural disaster emergencies.

We experience many types of extreme weather in Colorado including: blizzards, tornadoes, destructive hail, microbursts, non-thunderstorm damaging wind events, floods, wildfires, droughts and heatwaves. TG 31083 will activate whenever severe weather threatens counties anywhere in the state of Colorado (a special emphasis is placed on Northern Colorado and the Front Range.) Activations are designed to collect, analyze and traffic the fastest possible, real-time severe weather information while furthering the understanding of severe weather phenomena.

CO Severe WX is not intended to be inactive during times of tranquil weather. We encourage all amateur radio operators on the Brandmeister Network to drop in to the talkgroup at any time; especially those interested in storm chasing and/or severe weather. We're hoping to build a network of weather enthusiasts from across Colorado and the entire United States. This talkgroup will be active¬- not dormant! However, if active severe weather is occurring in Colorado, USA please be courteous and aware a net may be active.

Weekly CO Severe WX Net

There will be a weekly weather discussion net on Sunday evenings at 1800 MST. Please check in and join the conversation. All English-speaking amateur radio operators from across the world are welcome to check in to the Colorado Severe Weather (TG31083) Sunday night net.

Talkgroup administrator: Matt, K0LWC – Denver, CO

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DescriptionThe discussion, forecasting and nowcasting of severe weather. +
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