TxWARN DMR (3148694)
Texas flag map.svg.png
Description Texas wide-area emergency communications talkgroup
Website http://paylor.org/index.php/txwarn/
Country United States
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog Yes
Wires-X No YSF No

TxWARN (Texas Wide Area Network), not to be confused with Harris-county based TxWarn state-wide P25 radio trunking and LTE system, is a DMR statewide talkgroup running on the BrandMeister network. TxWARN was launched by Jack Paylor (W5NIO) in February 2019 with an end goal to serve all 254 counties in Texas with coverage. TxWARN services the entire state of texas, and is reserved solely for emergency communications and exercises. TxWARN is not solely reserved for ARES, like some statewide systems are, rather it can be used by anyone needing to conduct emergency operations or send emergency traffic.

TxWARN is primarily used by individual emergency communication volunteers and amateur radio organizations, who together aid county emergency operation centers/homeland security centers, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and many other organizations. Amateur radio operators are the last line of defense when it comes to communications and regularly assist in various natural disasters and other emergencies. TxWARN allows for on-demand, state-wide, instant two-way communications, greatly increasing efficiency of emergency operations. This is useful for any situation, of any magnitude. TxWARN is operational as long as a repeater has internet connectivity. Users should ALWAYS have simplex as a backup option, because the internet can always fail. Simplex is considered the last resort, since DMR is much more efficient and messages can be passed much faster. If you are big into emergency communications, it is encouraged that you have a mobile DMR homebrew repeater/hotspot that can be deployed at an EOC center or place with very reliable internet connection.

Please be aware that amateur radio operators and users should not treat this system a public safety communications network. It should be used as a traffic channel, once information is passed along it should be dealt with outside of the talkgroup. Unless you are unable to reach them, law enforcement should always be contacted when an issue arises. Amateur radio operators are not designed to replace law enforcement, only to assist them when needed. TxWARN is a very useful tool, but should not be treated as more than it already is.