USA/Dayton Hamvention (329866)
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Description For use during the Dayton Hamvention
Country United States
Reflector None
Bridged to
D-Star No Tetra No
P25 No Analog No
Wires-X No YSF No

Talkgroup for those at the Dayton Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio, USA to communicate; and for those wishing to communicate with those at the Hamvention

DAYTON -> 329866

Facts about "TalkGroup/329866"
Bridged analogfalse +
Bridged dstarfalse +
Bridged p25false +
Bridged tetrafalse +
Bridged wires-xfalse +
Bridged ysffalse +
CountryUnited States +
DescriptionFor use during the Dayton Hamvention +
NameUSA/Dayton Hamvention +
Talkgroup329866 +