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MCC Prefix 460
Coordinators BD7MQB, BH4DKU, BD7IXF, 
Website http://brandmeister.cn

Master info

4601 CN is onlined from January 10, 2018

  • Hostname : brandmeister.cn

Talk groups

Talk Group Reflector Description Hose Line
TG 460 China National 460
TG 46001 YSF80337 Link to YSF80337 CN China #1/ Wires-X Room24166 National Chat 46001
TG 460501 YSF18829 Hangzhou Digital Repeater in Mixed Mode.
TG 46007 YSF49766 | P25 TG10403 China Tac 7 Mixed Mode, Link to YSF CN China#7(wide mode) and P25 TG10403 46007
TG 46072 YSF82442 Link to YSF82442 CN China #2/ Wires-X Room24269 of Nansha/Guangzhou Local 160 Repeater 46072
TG 46073 YSF10552 Link to YSF10552 CN-SZ-YSF
TG 460790 Link to Local TS1 TG73 of Shenzhen 790 Repeater 460790

Applications and Special Talk Groups

TG Application
Private 9990 Parrot
Private 460999 ARS/RRS/GPS
Private 460990 Text Service
短信指令 指令说明
help 帮助信息
wx 查询天气
wx beijing 查询北京天气
wx 22.54, 114.03 查询指定GPS坐标的天气